Oulu Virtual MasterClass

Welcome to visit Oulu – the winter cycling capital of the world – virtually! Our experts will explain the secrets of Oulu winter cycling miracle in detail while cycling in wintery and beautiful sceneries of Oulu region. You will learn what have been the most important ingredients for the success in Oulu. You will get tips and best practices for your own city to make it a year round active city. Or you can just enjoy the virtual rides in breathtaking adventures with our cycling ambassadors, Timo and Pekka.

We will add more content every now and then, as we get stuff done. If you have some ideas and requests for new material, we are happy to hear about those.

  • 7 x 360 degree virtual video rides in wintery Oulu​
  • 10 short documentaries behind the scenes of Oulu winter cycling miracle​
  • A lot of Oulu related info, videos and links​
  • Access to LIVE stream rides in Oulu with our guides

short documentaries

Chapter 1: Oulu Cycling History

  • How Americans almost ruined Oulu?
  • The man who made the difference (PEKKA)
  • Case Rotuaari 
  • Development steps after 2010 (PEKKA)

Chapter 2: Oulu Cycling Secrets

  • More than 300! (PEKKA)
  • Straight up!
  • Oulu delicasies (PEKKA)

Chapter 3: Metsokangas school, the most active arctic school in the world

  • How to become perfect?
  • Other schools in Oulu
  • Why cycling to school is important?

Chapter 4: Oulu cycling path maintenance

  • Oulu Oracle telling it all! (PEKKA)

Chapter 5 : Bikenomics

  • Case Oulu –  invest and gain (TIMO)

Chapter 6: Oulu MTB

  • Coming later… (if Pekka is not doing Pekka-things)

your instructors and guides

Timo Perälä


Pekka Tahkola

Being Pekka