Oulun Region main cycling network winter maintenance contract


Oulu, Finland, is known as the winter cycling capital of the world. The modal share of cycling in winter in Oulu is higher than in most cities in summer. Oulu has been working through decades to make this happen. However, cycling in arctic conditions is not something Oulu residents are born with.  Since 2016 Oulu region has been investing more and more in winter maintenance of the main cycling network to make cycling easy, comfortable and fast during all seasons and in all weather conditions.

This course is dedicated for everyone who needs inspiration, persuasion or knowledge of how to switch the gears towards healthier and more sustainable winter cities.

Pekka Tahkola will be your instructor on this journey to reveal the secrets of the Oulu region main cycling network winter maintenance contract. Pekka has been involved in this process right from the start. Therefore, he knows the ups and downs and every twist and turn of this development.

“Where there is a will, there is a well maintained bike path!”



12,90 € (inc. VAT 24 %)


The course will be available 3 months after the puchase.


The course consists of 4 videos. The first one is free and presented above. You can access the rest three videos by buying the course.


  • Video 1: How the best became even better – Overview video of the contract model (9 mins)
  • Video 2: How can Oulu (or any city) afford such a high service level for cyclists? (4 mins)
  • Video 3: Milestones and lessons learned of the contract (8 min)
  • Video 4: Tips for your city (9 mins)


Pekka Tahkola

Just being Pekka

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