You can access all material of Oulu Virtual MasterClass –virtual world with a bargain of 1,99 €/month (billed annually). You can also have a sneak peak of OVMC virtual world with some contentAll the cool stuff is available only for thosewho decide to use a bit more than 20 €/year for a ticket to the wintery Oulu. There is no cheaper way to visit usUnless you ride your bike all the way to Oulu. 

All succesfull cities courses have their own price depending of the contentCheck the course list from here. ​​

If you need an offer for a larger group of peopleplease contact us by sending email to 



What You get as a part of our Community

Live Events

Yep, Oulu Virtual MasterClass offers live streams. Hosted by Pekka and/or Timo. Just get the OVMC pass and you will get invitations for our rides in Oulu.​

Tools and Tips

We can say we have been around. A lot. We have met people from all over the world and interviewed thousands of professionals, civil servants, advogates and local people. We have a pretty solid ideas what works and what does not. ​

Useful Entertainment

Nobody wants to listen to someone for hours! We get bored ourselves if we listen to ourselves for too long (20 mins is our max). Therefore we try to keep our content sharp and short. For you to enjoy for example on your way to work. By bike of course, right?​

Empowerment and a voice

We are open to learn more and listen. There are so many cool topics to be discussed. If you have special needs or wishes, let us know. We will investigate and wrap up the package you need. ​

No bullsh*t policy

Write a 100 page report that nobody reads. Yep, been there, done that. No more of that, thanks. No long bullshit. Just the core points and that’s it! ​